Unveil Your Potential,
Master Your Craft

Elevating aspiring artists and developers to global excellence with a carefully curated curriculum and innovative training methods.

Exceptional Talent,
Top-Notch Games

Motion Blur Academy is a meticulously crafted educational endeavor passionately dedicated to empowering talented individuals who aspire to elevate their skills in the realms of artistry and development, enabling them to reach world-class standards.At our core, we not only prioritize the creation of exceptional games but also the cultivation of new talents. Nurturing, teaching, and discovering fresh talent is a deeply ingrained part of our mission, as vital to us as the art of making games itself.

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Empower, Create, Sustain

We empower through practical experience. Our attendees work on live projects with limited timeframes, mastering our unique game development pipeline with our meticulous curriculum. This approach not only fosters talent but also ensures the sustainability of our pipeline, driving the creation of exceptional games with enduring quality.

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Academy Activities

At Motion Blur Academy, our experienced core team offers advanced training in four distinct categories, delving deep into our unique game development pipeline. Through immersive hands-on projects and expert guidance, we empower our attendees to excel in their fields, shaping the future of the creative industry.


The training content includes the fundamentals of 3D modeling, essential technical knowledge and tools required for our unique modeling pipeline developed through our special R&D processes.

Character Design

The training content covers the fundamentals of character design, as well as the instruction on tools and techniques.


The entire process, from donning the suits to capturing movements with the suits, transferring data to the computer, and cleaning up the movements, is taught step by step.


Training includes C++ and Blueprint instruction, as well as familiarization with the programming tools utilized in our projects.