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Demirden, who impressed that Nigtmare 22 was launched out on 2008, which game that gained big pleasure from the game lovers, says about the new game
that ' there will be a large budget for the new gamet hat we have getting prepared. We are in talk with an important author on the game's scnerio who is very
well known in our country. We will announced it to the game lovers once it is completed'.
Nightmare 22 game has been eliminated as the best game which was made by A6 game engine. The game is being published and introduced on a German
Company's legal web site which is the developer of it. 
Ýt is accepted as the best Turkish Game by the game authorities. 
Some of the game magazines has published it on the cover page and also issued articles. 
•The best game of Turkish made 'Level Game Magazines 2007 January " 
•"Turkish Game Sector has been awaking by Nightmare 22 ' Electronic Gaming Monthly Game Magazine" 
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