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Motion Blur Game Studio

Motion Blur Game Studio ,which's older name was Son Işık Oyun Stüdyosu since 2004 , had its brand new name in 2012

Motion Blur Game Studio has also managed to produce Turkey's first Real time digital game in 2006. Kabus 22 was the first Turkish based game which is sold all around the World. It is awarded as the best Tuskish based game by the Level Mag. At the same time , Kabus 22 was the best game which has been made by the A6 game motor.

Motion Blur Game Studio has handled the first 3D simulation performances in the field of architecture deploymentes. As a result of this rare technology, companies had a chance to offer and show to their customers their productes and structures in a 3D media which have not been made yet.

Motion Blur Game Studio builds up the Turkish Digital Game Sector by its projects and also is happy to help to the people who could be useful for the game sector.
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